About Us

Our Mission Statement

To Imagine and Build The Future of Bunkering, One Ship at a Time

Who are we

We a Team of seasoned Bunkering, IT and Network professionals that have come together to design and build products for the Bunker industry.

Technology built to complement your workforce for automation and innovation. 

Bunkerchain’s proprietary Multi-layer Smart Contract system uses permissioned trade and operational data (MFM data / AIS locations of both supplying and receiving vessels) as validators for the generation of the digital BDN and Invoice.

Our Team

Vance Loh

Co-Founder, Executive Director

Vance is the Executive Director and cofounder of Bunkerchain. He started his professional career in one of Singapore’s top ten bunker physical suppliers in Singapore, taking up roles from operations to business development to his last leadership position before founding Bunkerchain. Coming from industry, he understands from inside out where and how digitalisation will change the industry.

Leon Ling

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Leon is the CEO and co-founder of Bunkerchain. 20 years’ experience in global business management, Finance and Technology. An avid member in the Blockchain Fintech space and an advocate of a new age trustless seamless digital economy

Chen Hui

Chief Technology Officer

Chen Hui holds a Master degree in Computer Science/ Information Technology from Tsinghua University. He has more than 18 years’ experience as a software programmer with 13 years in a major Satellite program as the Head of development . He is still passionate about coding and gains great satisfaction when he is able to solves problems through coding.

Karen Gan

Customer Success Manager

Karen’s 13 years experience in bunker trading and knowledge of the shipping industry make her an ideal fit to play a part in digitalization. Her ability to understand pain points and work towards solutions will help reinvigorate the shipping industry.

Lim Yong Xiang

Product Manager

Yong Xiang is a Product Design graduate and has great interest in user experience. He enjoys the iterative nature of design process and believes that users’ feedback is important in design decisions, to create a user-centric and holistic product that meets business requirements and users’ needs.

Lim Qin Jin

Admin Manager

Qin Jin holds a Bachelor Degree of Business Administration from National University of Singapore with 10 year’s working experience in managing operational activities within an organisation to ensure smooth day to day operations.

Ong Yi Peng

Full Stack Developer

Yi Peng posses a Bachelor Degree in Computer System and Networking (Technology) from Curtin University with 4 years’ working experience in web development for the government agencies. He is passionate in software development and find satisfaction through solutions creation for others.

Zhou Yu

Front End Developer

Zhou Yu holds a Bachelor Degree of Electrical Engineering from Changchun University of Technology. Since 2020, she starting working on front end development. She believes continuous software experimenting and improvement will indirectly improve the software engineer itself too.


Back End Developer

Chris graduated as an electrical engineer specialising in computer engineering from Nanyang Technological University back in 2018 but found his passion in programming and veered off the conventional path of engineering into full stack development, cloud infrastructure and now, smart contract development. His wide range of skill sets are attributed to his love for code design patterning and curiosity for dabbling with new technologies.

Plan Moving Forward

Bunkerchain has been selected by MPA and awarded a grant for the Digital Bunkering project. This project has many components which includes a Business to Business component for functions such as the eBDN as well as a Business to Government component which involves regulatory reporting and audit.

Phase 1 – BunkerConnect System (Week 1 – 12)

    • Barge visual site survey
    • Installation and testing of equipment
    • Testing of signal and system

Phase 2 – BunkerConnect System (Week 8 – 24)

    • Bunkerchain and BunkerConnect Systems Trial

Phase 3 – Touch and Sail (Week 24 – 39)

    • Digital identity (Pilot)
    • Touch & Sail (Pilot)
    • Proof of Concept

Our Partners

Bunkerchain is working with industry partners that are not listed here. Please feel free to contact us to find out more.