About Us

Mission Statement

“Trust, but verify.”

Ronald Reagan

We enforce Trust in bunkering by connecting to verified source data, constant innovation of our ability to Trace, Track and Control physical cargo with permissioned sharing of such data between stakeholders to uphold the integrity of the industry.

About Us

BunkerChain aims to leverage on technology to change the definition of trade transaction in the energy industry by linking up trade counterparties in a secured environment, providing provenance of trade documents tied to the flow of physical goods.

BunkerChain is building a platform to allow our members to create trusted transactions linked to verifiable trusted source data from transaction to Trace, Track, Control physical cargo with permissioned sharing of such data between stakeholders to uphold the integrity of the industry.

Application of Blockchain
to the Bunker Industry

Transparency with Digital Documentation

  • Digital identities that is legally compliant in Singapore
  • Connected to source of data
  • Traceability on source of oil and clarity on title of goods


  • Verifiable Audit trail
  • Data direct from Source
  • Real time access to physical bunkering operations
  • Real time access to data

Financing Options

  • Innovative financing solutions

Trusted Data Pool

Controllable, credible, traceable, and presentable

Trusted data pool is an inter-enterprise data sharing, protection and traceability system built on blockchain technology. The system follows a consistent data sharing mechanism, breaks down information barriers among participants, and runs through data silos across business applications, helping companies independently build and manage secure, trusted, controllable, and scalable data exchange networks.

Controllable, credible, traceData is secure and controllable

  • Data is stored and managed locally in Singapore. Each company maintains their independent copy of the data in a decentralized ecosystem
  • Realize cross-company data sharing while maintaining clear ownership and privacy at all times
  • Permissioned sharing of Data

Shared data is consistent in real time selective

  • Corporations and their partners jointly maintain a blockchain shared ledger to allow commercial data to flow within the blockchain network
  • Data sharing and actions within the ecosystem are recorded on blockchain enabling audit of data operations and reducing the possibility of data loss or modification

Self-management of data sharing network

  • Companies can independently establish and manage business groups based on business development, and invite partners