Host our solution in your Cloud, have it managed by us or build on-site in your Office

Our Solution enables you to digitize your work processes while always maintaining full control of your data.



We use blockchain to enable automation and efficiency while ensuring that your data is kept private between you and your counterparty.


Built as a democratic self-governed network between members across a decentralized set of ledgers independently owned by participants.


All data and communication channels are owned and managed by you.

Host Data Anywhere


Decide where, how and customize it to fit into your corporate structure or to adhere to your laws and regulations where the service is rendered

Peer to Peer Architecture


Documents and messages are encrypted and transferred directly between counterparties in a Peer-to-Peer network instead of a central organizer

Full Control of Data


Our Solution is hosted on your Servers allowing Companies to own and manage your own data for security purposes

User Control Access with Digital Identities


Control and Manage access to your service and Data