Touch and Sail

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Electronic Bunker Delivery Note (eBDN) Solution


What We are Solving

Paper Heavy and Signing paper and tablets hoisted in buckets
Electronic Signatures are only as good as the email that was used, not verified
Relies on physical contact between crew on both sides

Touch and Sail

Electronic Bunker Delivery Note (eBDN) Solution

Optimise the efficiency of the entire bunker fuel delivery process


We simplify the steps for issuing, checking, and transferring fuel orders.

This means way less paperwork and manual work for everyone involved.
Plus, it makes things clearer and more reliable, so you always know what’s happening with your fuel delivery.

Why Touch and Sail?

Seamless Transition between with or without Network Connectivity


Experience a seamless transition between contactless or contact operations, ensuring uninterrupted workflow, even in the midst of ongoing tasks.

Efficient Single-Signature Workflow



Streamline your workflow with a single electronic signature and stamp that applies to all forms, reducing the need for repetitive signatures and enhancing efficiency.

Job Monitoring for Real-Time Oversight


Enable your shore office to real-time monitor the statuses of all vessel jobs through our user-friendly web or app application

Easy Form Completion
  • Simplify form filling by integrating with government databases, Meter Totaliser Log and Mass Flow Meter, for automated data input.
  • Automated Form Filling with OCR (Optical Character Recognition).
  • Adhere to industry standards such as SS648/600.
Simplified Document Verification
  • Maintain a comprehensive digital audit trail for document verification.
  • Easily verify by scanning QR codes or uploading documents with a straightforward process.
Effortless Collaboration
  • Seamlessly connect with various industry players like Bunker Suppliers, Ship Owners, Surveyors, Government, and more.
  • Integrate with your internal workflow for a smooth and customized operational experience.
  • Send reports seamlessly to MPA.

Here’s how it works

Create Jobs

Barge create job and begin transaction


Cargo officer complete Pre-Delivery form, Chief Engineer and Surveyor (if available) access for reviewing and signing

Complete Bunkering

Cargo officer complete After Delivery form, Chief Engineer and Surveyor (if available) access for reviewing and signing

Sharing of Document

eBDN generated and share simultaneously to relevant stakeholder, report send seamlessly to MPA.

Seamless Integration with Other Systems

Seamlessly connect to other systems and effortlessly receivze generated eBDNs, enhancing your information retrieval process.

Scan it now!

Scan QR Code for Signing Audit Trail

Curious about your eBDN’s journey?

Simply scan the QR code on your displayed document to instantly view the signing audit trail. Transparency at your fingertips!

Unlock the Future of Bunkering with Touch and Sail

Explore our user-friendly features and start streamlining your operations.

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