Touch and Sail

World’s first Smart Contract for Bunkering


What We are Solving

Paper Heavy and Signing paper and tablets hoisted in buckets
Electronic Signatures are only as good as the email that was used, not verified
Relies on physical contact between crew on both sides


Bunkerchain will demonstrate using blockchain smart contracts to realize the world’s first Bunkering Touch and Sail system. This invention will work with human and machine data (validators) using MFM, AIS locations and crew input of both barge and receiving vessels to digitally authenticate the transfer of fuel without human contact or the need to sign for the transaction.

Bunkerchain is partnering IHS Markit, Manager of the IMO Database to assign Digital Identities for marine vessels tied to their IMO numbers. These identities will be used to sign transactions in the Touch and Sail module to realize the world’s first true contactless bunkering using Verified digital identities.


  • World’s first Smart Digital Bunkering using Smart Contracts
  • Transfer validated by a combination of human, machine and geo-location data
  • Digitally authenticate the transfer of fuel using Digital Identities linked to the IMO Database
  • Smart Contract Generated Digital BDN recorded on blockchain
  • Fully compliant with SS648 and complies to Singapore Electronic Transaction (Amendment) Act 2021
  • Singapore’s Trade Trust integration for verifiable documents


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