Bunker Connect

Electronic Bunker Delivery Note

Regulatory push
  • As early as 2014, MPA mooted the concept of eBDN to boost productivity
  • MPA mandated the use of MFM in marine fuel oil deliveries from Jan 2017 and distillates in July 2019, this paves the way for the implementation of electronic bunker delivery notes (eBDN) to enhance the efficiency and transparency of bunkering operations in Singapore
  • MPA’s standardised use of MFM has become a model for ports around the world to emulate
Bunkerchain EBDN
  • Provides a true end-to-end digitalisation of the bunker trade linking physical delivery procedure
  • Extraction of trade data to auto-fill eBDN
  • Realtime auto-fill data direct from MFM data logger
  • Singapore Certified Authority compliant digital signing
  • Fully compliant with SS648
  • Reduces human error


eBDN Information Flow

Electronic BDN

Bunker Connect – Onboard Setup

Bunker Connect – IOT Trace, Track & control

BunkerChain is setting up IOT linked devices on ship with secured relaying of real-time data and control functions andcollaborating with Data Logger Companies, third parties to develop an industry-led eBDN solution

Bunker Connect allows Asset Owners/Lenders to control and monitor, via IOT linked valves fitted on the fuel transfer pipeline, the physical movement and storage of cargoes. The lock-down or release functions to pump marine fuels will be operable upon the fulfilment of pre-set conditions in a smart contract or certain parameters

Tracking of Digital Asset and Title Transfer

The BunkerChain platform is designed to trace, track and control digitally the movement of marine fuel at any given time, linking the physical movement of inventory to their relevant trade data. 

This provides visibility of the assets and clear ownership or the custody of it during any stage of delivery.

Title Movement of Goods, before moving to becoming an accounts receivable